ielts task 2-Some people believe that bicycles are the best mode of transport in the cities.

Some people believe that bicycles are the best mode of transport in the cities, while others disagree. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using bicycles.

Sample answers for this topic: Some people believe that bicycles are the best mode of transport in the cities, while others disagree.

In this technological world, there are many options available in transportation. There are some individuals who hold the view that bicycles are the most suitable transport to travel in the towns. However, some people conflict it. This essay will elaborate the merits and demerits of travelling by bicycles.

To embark upon, there are numerous benefits of cycling. One of them is that bicycle is a great option when it comes to maintain a healthy body. Riding bicycle allow people to do more physical activity in their daily life, as everyone follow a busy schedule. Also, they do not get enough time to focus on their body by going fitness clubs. Therefore, bicycle is the most convenient means of the transportation for the short rides. Another pro of cycling is that it is a non-polluting activity. The other automobiles such as, cars and motorcycles cause heavy pollution, which is injurious for our environment as well as health. Consequently, considering bicycle is a positive step towards saving the environment and lives.

In the terms of disadvantages, a bicycle consumes more amount of time to reach at a destination as compared to other vehicles.  Individuals have number of tasks to do in their daily routine. If bicycle preferred as the only option to travel. Then, it will disturb the entire routine of the person. Additionally, the noticeable disadvantage regarding the use of bicycle is that it is not suitable for all kinds of weather. There are frequent changes in weather conditions, where bicycle is not an ideal option. In a bad weather, travel is not possible by using a bicycle. For instance, bicycle cannot be used during rainy weather because it cannot protect a person from rain. Also, it is risky to ride a bicycle on wet roads.

To conclude, there is no doubt that bicycles are eco-friendly and a good approach to avoid health issues but it also has some drawbacks, which can be consider.


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