More and more media coverage is on popular people who come from normal background, why people are interested in knowing their lives?

ielts writing task 2 direct question type essay:

More and more media coverage is on popular people who come from normal background, who have gained success in cinema, fashion or sports industry.

Why do you think people are interested in knowing their lives?


Sample Answers by a student: (media coverage is on popular people)

Famous personalities go through frequent media interactions. Their day-to-day activities are covered by the news reporters. It is the fact that media pay attention on the lives of glamourous people those have earned the fame by uplifting themselves from the ordinary background. This essay will illustrate the reasons regarding the curiosity of people in celebrity lives.

To begin with, people have great interest to know the facts about famous persons because they get inspired from their success. They become eager to learn about their life story and struggles, before coming in to the limelight. Public watch the events where celebrities speak about their early life and their road to success. For instance, today people watch ted talks of well-known personalities and get motivation. In addition, individuals admire the physical appearance as well as different looks of glamorous people. They follow the diet routine; style statement and makeup look of their favourite celebrity. Moreover, people read their fitness tips to get the similar body.

Additionally, people watch the TV shows and movies that develop a connection with the star representing that specific character. Individuals follow their favourite actor and actress on social media through which they love to know every detail about them. For example, people get excited about the upcoming projects of their loved celebrity.

To conclude, media cover every detail about popular people due to their high demand in public. Moreover, the works of famous personalities, make people keenly interested to know every bit about them.

Vocabulary related to this essay topic:


Media coverage:


  • Press coverage
  • Media attention
  • News coverage
  • Press reporting


Popular people:


  • Famous personalities/persons
  • Glamorous people
  • Well- known people
  • Celebrities
  • Public figures
  • Superstars


Normal background:


  • Ordinary background
  • Common background
  • Typical background




  • Curious
  • Keenly interested
  • Eager

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