Latest cue card: Describe a memorable time you spent with your mother

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Describe a memorable time you spent with your mother.

  • When did you spent?
  • what you did?
  • How do you feel about that time?

In the given cue card topic, you have to elaborate about the unforgettable time you spent with your mother.

There are several ideas regarding this topic. Moreover, choose the idea about which you have enough points. Having lot of points will be beneficial as you can explain well.

It is important to cover all the points of the topic. You should express your views on each point.

latest cue card 2021 Tips:

  • Use connectors in your speaking.
  • Focus on your grammar and avoid mistakes. Moreover, use correct form of tenses.
  • Your vocabulary should be good enough as it is considered too.
  • Repetition of words should be avoided. Additionally, use synonyms instead of repeating the words.
  • Correct pronunciation of each and every word is must require.
  • Fluency is crucial in your speaking. An examiner observes your fluency while, you express your ideas.

Ideas for this Cue card topic:

  • When did you spent?

Here, talk about the time when you experienced those sweet memories with your mother.

  • What you did?

There are variety of ideas to express this point.

  • You went on a picnic with your mother. There you did several activities such as – played cards, badminton, enjoyed food and clicked photographs.
  • You spent your weekend with your mother and you both enjoyed watching movie and tasty snacks.
  • You tried a new dish with help of your mother. She taught you how to make it. You remember that time.
  • You went for shopping with your mother and enjoyed street food while, shopping.
  • Mother helped to complete the pending assignments. She gave ideas about the project reports.
  • There was a classical dance competition in your college, you had no clue what to do. Your mother choreographed your dance performance and you won the competition.
  • In your school days, you had rangoli making competition, your mother helped you to choose the combination of colors and designs.
  • You never made sand painting before. In your arts subject practical you got this task. Furthermore, mom told about material required and how to do it.
  • The cooking competition was organized in your school, the recipe and ingredients list was provided by your mom.

How do you feel about that time?

  • Answer this cue card question by describing your feelings and thoughts about that time.

(latest cue card 2021) Sample answer one:

All the moments which I have spent with my mom are unforgettable. However, I would like to elaborate a well – remembered time which I spent with my mom.

In 2020, lockdown was imposed by authorities due to corona virus pandemic. During this time – period, I got plenty of time to stay with my family. Moreover, I never got such opportunity to devote my time for my family. As offices were closed and I had no official work to do. Therefore, this way I got to spend time with my mother as well create some pleasant memories. At that time – period I and my mother had long conversations which we never had before.

I and my mom discovered lot of new things such as – exercise, meditation and food recipes. Every morning, we used to together do yoga and meditation to stay fit and healthy. The morning routine made me feel relaxed in those stressful times.

Additionally, we developed new skills. My mother encouraged me to explore new things. She would say take this time in a positive way, when there is negativity spread around the world. To stay mentally and physically strong it is important to divert your focus on useful things. Moreover, we also cooked healthy recipes to boost our immunity system. Furthermore, those talks and laughter were cherish able memories. It was good to see my mom enjoying after so long.

I have a smile on my face whenever I remember those beautiful memories. In addition to this, I feel blessed that my family was with me during the disturbing times. Apart from this, I have seen people those were away from their homes feeling depressed alone.

(Conclude your topic)

I thank God for giving me those moments. Furthermore, my mother was very motivating as well as supporting. Therefore, those were most loveable memories with my mom.

(latest cue card 2021) Sample answer 2:

Every individual has memories in their life, they might be good or bad. However, there are some warm memories with our loved ones.

Here, I would like to talk about a memorable time which I spent with my mother.

During my senior secondary education, I followed a hectic schedule. I was juggling to complete my projects of all the subjects. Also, my practical examinations were about to start. Moreover, at that point of time, I was going through lot of stress. My mother told me that she can help me out. Furthermore, I started working on my projects with my mom.

My mother told me to stay relaxed and gave the hope that work will be finished before the deadline. In contrast, we had just a week left but it was necessary to accomplish the target.

Further, my mother made all the diagrams, charts and drawings in my practical files. This was the time – consuming as well as tough for me. In addition to this, I did all the written part. Thus, mom helped me to finish all the work before the given time.

Apart from this, she encouraged me throughout. She helped me to revise all the subjects so that I score well in practicals. She used to solve the numerical problems and make me understand the formula applied in the solution.

(Conclude your topic)

I felt like I have a bestie who always have solution of my issues. My mom felt exactly like that friend that always have solution of my issues. Additionally, it was so good to do work with my mom. I enjoyed doing assignments. Having such an inspiring mom feels amazing. Moreover, those memories with my mom were great and always be remembered.

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