More and more media coverage is on popular people who come from normal background, why people are interested in knowing their lives?

media coverage is on popular people

ielts writing task 2 direct question type essay: More and more media coverage is on popular people who come from normal background, who have gained success in cinema, fashion or sports industry. Why do you think people are interested in knowing their lives?   Sample Answers by a student: (media coverage is on popular people) … Read more

Writing Task 2- Tips, Explanation And Sample Answer

Writing Task 2- Tips, Explanation And Sample Answer

Writing Task 2: ielts essay 

These days maximum people prefer to go gym to stay fit.(ielts writing task 2):

  • What are the reasons behind it?
  • Do you think this is the only way to stay healthy?


To write an essay firstly, understand the topic. Read the essay topic and make a plan.

In this essay, there are two questions and you should answer both of them in separate body paragraphs.

The topic is asking to state the reasons that why maximum people go to the gym for maintain their body. Also, there is another question about other ways to be fit. Answer this by mentioning other ways and explain them.


Ideas you can use to answer this (writing task 2) essay topic:

  • What are the reasons behind it?

You should have at least two main points to answer this.

  • Individuals follow celebrities on social networking platforms. Further, the pictures and videos of them have a huge impact on them. The individuals dream of that body type. They start their diet plan accordingly. Hence, this is the reason of their preference.
  • In addition, there are many additional benefits in the gym. People can do workout with the guidance of trainer. Also, they easily achieve their goal with support the of trainer.
  • Another point is that public has awareness regarding their health. Moreover, people today are very cautious regarding their body.

They feel good after burning calories at the gym.

  • Do you think this is the only way to stay healthy?

Here, write about other methods to maintain the health.

  • You can have one main point of yoga. Write about benefits of yoga and elaborate your point well.
  • Second main point can be about sports. In which you can write benefits of sports for fit body.
Follow the assessment criteria and fulfil all the requirements of it to score well in writing task 2.
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Sample answer for the above-mentioned essay topic:

Now a days, individuals have a great concern for about their physical health. Moreover, huge number of people visit gym in order to maintain their fitness. This essay will elaborate the reasons regarding the inclination of public towards fitness centres along with the ways to have a good health.

The fundamental reason is, individuals follow their favourite public figures on the social platforms, they get inspired from their fitness routines. They desire to be in shape as well as focus to get similar results.

For instance, most of the Indian women are inspired by Bani J who is an Indian fitness model as their idol. Moreover, they follow her workout routine in the gym. Furthermore, every gym provides certified fitness trainer by which a person get proper guidance about diet and exercise.

Gym trainers motivate and support to achieve the targets. Due to this, populace consider fitness canters best place to be in a good health.

Additionally, people are aware about the benefits of exercising daily. Specifically, the youngsters focus on their physical health and have the proper knowledge. They make plans to achieve their goal. A good example of this, today many of the youngsters are fond of having the abs. Also, they have their diet and workout plans.

Alternatively, there are more procedures to be strong and healthy. The foremost point, practicing yoga on daily basis nurture physical as well as mental well – being of the person. Yoga has endless benefits and involves many styles. Today, people experience a hectic lifestyle. Thus, yoga helps in reducing stress and is the best way to stay fit. Another way, for overall fitness is sports.

There are various sports such as swimming, basketball, tennis, boxing and squash. In addition, playing sports burns calories as well as increase stamina. Sports can eliminate depression and anxiety issues. Therefore, there are many ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To conclude, gym routine has become the favourable way to stay fit. People choose this particular way to fulfil their need of getting an attractive body. However, these are amazing ways to get the results. Thus, it is one’s personal choice to choose their own way to be fit.

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