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Speaking Cue Card 2021-Describe A Wedding You Recently Attended

ielts speaking cue card topic

ielts speaking cue card-Latest Speaking cue card:

Describe a wedding you recently attended.

  • When you attended?
  • Where was the wedding?
  • With whom you attended the wedding?
  • What you did?
  • How you felt about it?


In this ielts speaking cue card topic, you need to talk about a wedding which you attended recently.

There is a lot to talk about this ielts speaking cue card topic. Everyone knows what happens on wedding functions so you just need to require all the points as your ideas.

You can easily describe a wedding ceremony. There are lot of ideas to speak on it.

Ideas for this ielts speaking cue card:

  • When you attended?

State the time when you appeared in the wedding about which you are speaking.

Here, you can say previous year or six months ago.

You can also mention the month if you want.

  • Where was wedding?

Talk about the location of the venue. You can mention name of a city.

  • With whom you attended the wedding?

Answer this, by saying that you showed up on the wedding with the family. It was your cousin’s orĀ  best friend wedding.

There can be another idea, you can speak that you attended wedding with friends.

  • What you did?

About this point you can talk in detail.

  • State that you did the welcoming ritual. You were given a jewellery item as a gift by the groom.
  • Stayed with the bride throughout the functions to make her comfortable.
  • Looked after the arrangements of mehendi ceremony.
  • Did a dance performance and everyone appreciated.
  • Enjoyed a lot on Sangeet function and did dance.
  • Ate sweets and snacks.
  • Experienced a family photoshoot as well as clicked many pictures with bride and groom.
  • In a marriage there are several rituals. You can express your views about those rituals. There are traditional functions according to the rituals.

Functions you can mention (in this ielts speaking cue card):

  • Haldi
  • Bangle ceremony
  • Sangeet
  • Akand Path or Pooja
  • Jai Mala
  • Mehendi
  • Got to know about all the rituals and nuptial function was mesmerizing. Also, acquired knowledge about the family rituals.
  • Prepared colorful rangoli for haldi function.
  • There are distinct food items in a wedding and you can elaborate about food arrangements. You can complement the food served in the wedding.
  • Talk about wedding decoration and the arrangements.
  • Present your thoughts about the bride’s attire. You can even include her jewellery.
  • Speak on bride and groom photoshoot.
  • Met with school friends after so long over there. You felt elated after cherishing those old memories.

Therefore, there are ample of ideas which you can use to describe this ielts speaking cue card topic.

  • How you felt about the wedding?

Present your idea in this, by saying you enjoyed a lot and felt joyful.

Include the points:
  • wedding set up was breath taking. I felt pleased by viewing the decoration.
  • Bride was looking charming and the couple together was so cute. You was happy to see them in wedding outfits.
  • Those moments were special and unforgettable.

Read the above given explanation and you can easily prepare your ielts speaking cue card topic.

Sample answer of this ielts speaking cue card:

In my home country marriage ceremonies are organized in a grand way.

Whenever, I get news about a wedding ceremony, I get excited and start the preparations.

Here, I would like to talk about a nuptial function, where I appeared recently.

In February 2021, I showed up on my cousin’s wedding. Furthermore, the ceremony was organized at my hometown, Jaipur.

I enjoyed the wedding functions along with my family members. Also, all my relatives joined us on this special occasion.

Indian weddings involve many rituals that are required to follow. Additionally, there are several traditional functions such as – haldi, sangeet, mehendi and bangle ceremony.

Path and pooja takes place in the beginning of all the functions and is considered the most important to take the blessings from God. Also, there is reception after the wedding.

I enjoyed all these functions which were one after the another.

Moreover, the wedding set up was breathtaking. The bride and groom looked adorable together. I found them as very cute couple. Furthermore, I enjoyed the marriage and other rituals.

I used to get ready and wear different outfit for every function and would click lot of pictures. Also, I got to eat delicious and distinct dishes, dessert, sweets and snacks.

The wedding functions lasted for ten days in total. In addition to this, I did a dance performance on sangeet as well as on mehendi day.

All the relatives were delighted by the performance.

There was ribbon cutting ritual also said welcoming the groom. I did that ritual and then, the groom and his family entered the venue.

Also, I got a jewellery item as a gift. According to our culture, It is require to give present to sister of the bride.

I obviously enjoyed those sweet moments with my family. I had a great time and felt joyful. Moreover, I loved the wedding look as well as outfit of the bride. She looked stunning in the red color.

It was good to see her in that look. I created lot of memories which will always be remembered.

Follow up questions of this cue card(ielts speaking part 3) Sample Answer:

  • In your country, how much people spend in the weddings?

As per my opinion, in my nation citizens prefer to do marriage ceremony on a large scale. Indian weddings involve many functions and the expenses are huge. People invest a lot on the food as well as venue arrangements.

Moreover, the investment differs according to their preferences. Also, people of India spend money on disturbing sweets along with the invitation and after the marriage.

Thus, weddings are huge and lot of investment is done by people of my country, to organize them.

  • In the recent days, have theme weddings become popular?

Presently, theme weddings are gaining popularity day by day. People organize marriage functions following the specific theme. Additionally, they focus on decoration and outfits accordingly.

For instance – I attended one of my friend’s wedding. They organized the wedding with the theme pink. The dress code of females was pink and all men were in black suits.

Another option for example:

For example – In recent times, maximum people follow the colour green for mehendi ceremony and yellow for haldi.

Do people still follow all the rituals as were done in the past?

Undoubtedly, there is modification done in some wedding rituals. Now, the rituals are not followed in the authentic way. Earlier, our ancestors used to follow all the rituals and were very clear about the timings.

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