UK Student visa interview Questions & Answers 2022

UK Student visa interview Questions & Answers




Note: Below given questions are commonly asked in UK Student visa interview. The interview is scheduled by the university where you have applied for your further studies.

These are sample answers and will provide you with an idea to prepare your own answers. You can prepare your answers according to your course and university.


For which course have you applied?

 I have applied for Pre‐masters leading to Global Master of Business and Management.


Why do you want to study in Uk? (Important question in UK Student visa interview)




I have chosen UK for my further studies because:


  • The UK institutions persistently rank among the leading in the world and qualifications are acknowledged and valued internationally.
  • UK institutions provide flexibility of choice in course combinations.
  • The study approach and teaching techniques of the universities in UK give the freedom to be innovative and gain expertise and conviction.
  • Being a student, we look for the opportunity to be taught by the world’s best educators and specialists. Additionally, there is benefit of the constant academic assistance throughout the studies.
  • Why UK and no other countries?


I have chosen UK on top of other countries like US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand because:


  • The UK is a multicultural country, where I can get the chance to interact with people of different cultural heritage.
  • Uk is one of the most popular English-speaking country where I can enhance my communicational skills.
  • In UK courses tends to be more concise in comparison to other countries like US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.
  • Moreover, Uk is modest as compared to other countries like, US or Canada. The living expenses in the UK are less than the others.

Why not your home country India?

  • The UK welcomes international students with open arms so I will get to interact with people from different cultures and nations.
  • Uk education system focus on both practical and theory so I can get additional benefit.
  • In contrast, India focusses on theoretical knowledge more. Also, in India, the number of students is huge in one classroom where as in Uk classroom size is small. I think the number of students matters as the fewer students and more will be the focus.
  • Comparing with India, Uk has both the Practical as well as theoretical approach whereas in India It is mostly theoretically based.
  • Furthermore, the learning materials, the education infrastructures are exceptional in Uk as compared with India.
  • Above all, in UK I would get an international degree and global exposure, which cannot be obtained in my home country India.

Why did you choose to study this course?


I have chosen this course because:

  • Studying Global Master of Business & Management at UCA will encourage me to the leading-edge of management within the creative industries.
  • The course will build my business expertise and creative management skills.
  • This educational program will emphasize the specialized leadership difficulties and opportunities that the creative industries face presently in the global economy.
  • After the completion of this course, I will have mastery in any one of the industries from these wide options, which includes – Cosmetics and Beauty, Fashion Industry, Fine Art, Lifestyle Goods, Games Industry, Luxury Goods and Services, Music Industry, or Global Media Industries.
  • Also, I will develop excellent business understanding and cooperate with other postgraduate Creative Business scholars.


What are the course modules?

Note – Here, you should elaborate about the course modules and these are very important questions to answer in UK Student visa interview.

Moreover, provide the explanation of each module. All you need is to give a brief overview of all the modules and elaborate it in a UK Student visa interview.

Why did you choose to study at this particular university?


I have chosen this university because: 

  • UCA is one of the top most specialist creative arts universities in Europe. It undoubtedly offers a global outlook in creative education, where the international student’s percentage is quite good, it includes 17 percent. The university welcomes students from 91 nations around the globe as they have a   diverse international community.
  • This University is honored as the Modern University of the year in 2019.
  • It is No. 1 university for the creative industries (The creative industries refer to a range of economic activities which are concerned with the generation or exploitation of knowledge and information. They may variously also be referred to as the cultural industries).
  • It is the 2nd largest contributor of creative arts education in Europe.
  • Also,96.9%of graduates employed within six months of completion of studies.
  • UCA has been awarded Gold TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework) (The TEF assesses at ‘provider level’, which means that each provider of higher education (normally a university or college) is given a single award for their undergraduate provision).


What is your future career plan?

After completing the degree, I will come back to India and with the international degree in hand and gaining the business skills from this course I would like to apply in MNC’s (Multi-National Companies) like Reliance, IBM (International Business Machines), Jio, TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), Dell, Wipro, HCL (Hindustan computers Limited) etc. and as I know, communication, interpersonal and leadership skills would be helpful to get in positions like Business Development Manager, Sales Manager, Project Manager, Marketing Manager etc. and I am expecting to draw a salary of 1015 lacs. I would look for more relevant jobs through job search portals such as Job Indeed, Monster, Naukri etc.


Did you consider studying at any other university either in the UK or overseas?




Apart from University for the Creative Arts I have applied for University of Glasgow and University of Kent but I chose to study at UCA because:

  • The ranking of UCA is 33 according to Guardian University guide 2021 whereas University of Kent is ranked 82, so I chose UCA over Kent as it has better rank.
  • The tuition fees of University of Glasgow are £25,170 and University of Kent is approx.  £20,000 whereas tuition fees for UCA is £17,500 which is much affordable in comparison of the other two.
  • Also, the modules like Creative Industries: Leadership and Bootcamp1: Creativity offered at University for the Creative Arts really holds my area of Interest and these are not available in the other 2 Universities.


Where is University located?

The University is located in Ashley Road, Epsom, Surrey KT18 5BE.


Where will you stay in the UK? 

If you are not going for the university accommodation. In that case, you can answer as follows:

  • I will be staying in a rental apartment which is (Name the apartment).
  • Also, specify details such as, full address of the apartment, weekly cost, distance from university which should include (time consumed in reaching the university from the apartment by walking and even by car).

If you are looking for university accommodation:

I will prefer University accommodation.

The halls accommodation available on campuses are in Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham and Rochester.

  • Halls
  • Private Accommodations
University Residence Accommodation (self‐catering) 
  1. Ashley Road – 138‐145 pounds per week
  2. Wilberforce Court – 151‐155 pounds per week
  3. Worple Road – 152‐156 pounds per week
  4. East Street – 160‐166 pounds per week

How will you travel to the university each day and how much will this cost?

As I will be taking University accommodation so i will go by walking and will take a bicycle which will save my money.

How much is the living expense in UK?

My living expense per year would be 9207 GBP per year/9 months.


My living expenses are 1015 pounds which includes food, accommodation, personal and general expenses and stationery.

(This is just an example; you can answer this according to your calculation regarding your place.)


How much will your course fees be? 

My course fees for pre‐masters are £7700 GBP and master’s degree is £17,500 GBP

How long is your course and what qualification will you receive?

My course duration is 1.5 years and after completion of the course I will get the degree of

Global Master of Business and Management.

  • What was the last course you successfully completed and when did you complete this?

Here, give the details of the last course you studied.

  • How do you explain the gaps in your education?

In this, explain what you have been doing after completion of your last studies.

How will you pay for your studies? Who is sponsoring your studies?

Explain who will sponsor you and what funds you are showing for your visa purpose. If

father/parents paying for your study, mention about their occupation and annual income.


Have you ever applied for a visa to visit another country or a visa to enter another country?

 Give complete details if you have ever applied for any kind of visa to any country.

Do you intend to work in the UK?

No, I am not willing to work in the UK as my parents have adequate and plentiful funds to bear my studies.

However, I’m aware that I’m allowed to work 20 hrs. per week but also my prime concern is to

complete my degree and focus on my studies completely.

Are you aware of the rules and regulations of your studies in the UK?

Yes, I am aware that I should have at least 85% of attendance or else I will be restrained from the course and my visa will be restricted.

Will you travel to the UK?

I think every day should be about learning something new. I will Explore nearby places as well as famous tourist attractions on weekends. Moreover, this will help me to learn more about the culture, food and lifestyle of people in the UK. Also, I would love to do some leisure activities over there. Therefore, exploring Uk will be beneficial as all the learnings will develop my overall personality.

Have you considered any other countries?

I searched about universities related to my course. I got the top universities from Uk and Canada. There are several well-known universities in Toronto, Canada but there is more emphasis on IT courses. However, the U.K is well known for management courses.

This is all about the questions and their answers about the UK Student visa interview. You can prepare by yourself by adding your examples and the details according to your university and course.


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