What are the different ways companies use to increase sales? ielts essay

There are different methods businesses use to increase their sales.

What are the different ways companies use to increase sales? Which one is the most effective?

Sample Answer:-

Every organisation introduces some changes in the marketing strategies to promote their brand. These techniques are very helpful to boost the sales and lead to development of a firm. This essay will elaborate distinctive methods to enhance the sales. Also, address the most productive one.

There are several approaches taken by the firms to lift up their sales. The main and the latest way used by companies is marketing through social media platform. There are many apps and websites such as, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Presently, every single person uses these social networking sites on daily basis so companies display their products and policies on them, to attract customers. In addition, using them they bring their latest products in notice of the people. This way maximum customers are retained by grabbing their attention.

Additionally, the common strategy followed by the businesses is announcing exciting offers. They provide huge discounts valid on maximum purchase which interests the buyer. For instance, there are many brands those provide the buy one gets one free offer, on most of their commodities. Consequently, people find it a profitable purchase and spend their money on two items whether they require just one. Therefore, this is how these offers attract the customers and result in development of sales.

The most compelling way to raise the sales is developing the connection with the audience through social media. Today, most of the enterprise have their official pages and channels on the social networking sites.  Moreover, this is budget friendly and funds are not an issue to do online promotion. There are no boundaries to reach the people as social media advertising is a vast concept.

To conclude, marketing techniques play a crucial role in growth of an organisation. There are many methods that are used to incline the sales. However, the most important thing is to provide high quality goods and focus on customer satisfaction.


Vocabulary for this essay topic: (What are the different ways companies use to increase sales? ielts essay)



  •   Productive
  •   Compelling


  •   Ways
  •   Approach/approaches
  •   Techniques


  •   Firm
  •   Organisation
  •   Enterprise
  •   Businesses
  •   Corporation

Increase Sales:

  •   Boost sales
  •   Expand
  •   Growth in sales
  •   Development
  •   Incline

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