What is IELTS and four modules of IELTS Exam

IELTS Exam is “International English Language Testing System“. This is accepted globally and maximum number of people from different parts of the world attempt this language test for various purposes. This test is preferred due to it’s recognition.

IELTS Exam involve Four modules which are Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

An individual has to showcase their skills in the given modules and achieve their IELTS Exam score.

Understanding the four modules of IELTS Exam.

what is ielts

Listening :-

There are 40 Questions that can be answered by listening to a 30 minutes audio. Additionally, all the candidates get additional 10 minutes to transfer the answers on the answer sheet. Also, the listening test has 4 sections.

For more about Listening go to this IELTS Listening Section.

Reading :-

In reading, there are 40 questions along with the time limit of 60 minutes. Candidates are required to write the answer with in the given time. There are 3 sections in the test.
Academic and General reading have different pattern.”

For more about Reading go to this IELTS Reading Section.

Writing :-

  • Task 1(Academic):- Graph/Chart and in General IELTS: Latter.
  • Task 2 – Essay.

The time for both Academic and General Tasks is same which is 60 minutes. Candidates have to manage the time for completion of both the task.

For more about Writing go to this Writing Section.


The Speaking test is face to face informal interview taken by the Examiner. Moreover, the test takes 11- 14 minutes.
The speaking test is divided into 3 parts.

IELTS Exam: Speaking Part one:-

Introductory questions :-

Here, candidates are asked set of questions such as- Name, Hometown, Study and Work place related questions.

Speaking Part two:-

Cue Card :-

A topic is given by the examiner to the candidates. Furthermore, the duration of 1 minute is given to think as well as write the notes. Afterwards, an individual has to speak on the topic for about 1 – 2 minutes.

Speaking Part three:-

Follow up Questions :-

A set of questions will be asked by examiner. Basically, this will be a discussion with the examiner.

for more about speaking go to speaking section.

Cue Cards You May Like To Read:-

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