Which one is easier the IELTS General or IELTS academic?

The main purpose of IELTS (General and Academic IELTS) exam is to find out in which level are you in English language.

The motive of both category General and Academic IELTS is same, to check the English language proficiency. However, the purpose to take both the test differs as per candidate.

Q – What is the purpose of general and academic test?

 Academic IELTS:

All the countries having English as their first language, there requirement for permitting a student to pursue further education includes Academic IELTS. Basically, academic IELTS is for the students those want to study abroad and gain international exposure.

 General IELTS:

General IELTS is for the person who want to migrate and work in a foreign country. Also, this test is for fulfilling the requirement of becoming a permanent resident.

Let’s know, which is easier Academic or General test?

There is no comparison needed for both tests as the purpose is different. Furthermore, the pattern of both the test is not same.

Discussing the pattern of Academic and General IELTS:

There are four modules in both the tests which are –

  • listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Listening module of both the tests is same.

Reading module of both the tests is different.

  • The comprehension sections in both the tests are totally different. Moreover, the band score criteria of academic and general IELTS is separate.

Writing module format includes two tasks –

  • Task 1 and Task 2.
  • Furthermore, the task 1 of both the tests is not same.
  • In academic  writing Task 1 test you get graph/charts. Whereas, in general test you are required to write a letter.
  •  In Task 2, you are required to write an essay. The format to write an essay is same in both the tests.

Speaking module is similar in academic as well as general test.

  • There are three parts in this module which involves – Introductory questions, cue card and follow up questions. All these are same in both the IELTS test.


Academic and General IELTS test are conducted in the same way. There is difference in pattern and purpose of both the test. Moreover, both the test has their own importance. There is no reason to compare the difficulty level of academic and general IELTS. Both the test can be difficult or easier for a person according to his/her capability.


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