You want to recommend a book to your friend. IELTS Informal letter.

You recently read a book and found it very interesting. You want to recommend the book to your friend. Write a informal letter to your friend.

In your informal letter:

  • tell your friend about the book you read.
  • explain why you think your friend should read the book.
  • Suggest the place from where your friend can get that book.


Informal letter Sample answer:

Dear Elisa,


Hi! How are you? Hope you are well and everyone is good at the family. I’m glad to share my views on the book that I read recently.

The author of the book is your favourite writer ‘Chetan Bhagat’. The book I read was ‘Five point someone’. In this book, the story of three IIT students is beautifully presented.

I am sure, you will enjoy reading this book. There are three main characters named Ryan, Hari and Alok. Each one have their own expectations from life. The story revolves around their struggle to clear IIT and acheive their desires. Moreover, When I was reading this book, I imagined all the characters as they were explained very well. I know reading books is your hobby and this book will make your weekend more interesting. The best part is that by reading this book, you will come to know lot of new words. The book is very informative in the terms of vocabulary.

The book ‘five point someone’ is available at the library of your city. Also, you can read this book online on your mobile phone or laptop. I am confident that you will find this book very interesting.


See you soon

Warm wishes,


This is the sample informal letter for this topic.

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